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Medi-Cal Dental Coverage

Accepted Inurance Plans

Attention Medi-Cal Beneficiaries: the following dental benefits coverage is still available

All adults

Extractions remain covered. Certain procedures for the relief of dental discomfort or infection also remain covered.

Pregnant women

Pregnancy related services and services for the treatment of other conditions that might complicate the pregnancy.

Adults in most licensed skilled nursing or intermediate care facilities

Services for individuals in these care facilities. 

Children under the age of 21

Children continue to enjoy broad dental benefits coverage.

Let Western Dental - California’s largest Medi-Cal provider for children and adults - help you and your family get all the care for which they qualify under the program. And for the care that isn’t covered by the Medi-Cal program - Western Dental has the answer: get coverage for all non-covered services under Western’s DCI Plan  available at all of Western’s offices throughout California.*

As a member of the Western DCI Plan, you can get all the care you need at an affordable cost with just a low down payment and convenient installments, even if you have poor credit.

* Enrollment required in DCI plan at annual premium of $25.