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Specialty Dental Services

Occasionally, your teeth may need more than just a routine cleaning, or to have a cavity filled. That’s when you need the services of a dental expert. We have a number of specialists on our staff who can take care of all your dental needs. These dentists have received special education and training in their fields, and are qualified to handle any situation that may come up.

For example, our cosmetic dentists have a number of treatments to make your teeth sparkly white. Our implant dentists can replace your missing teeth with state-of-the-art dental implants, which look and feel just like your natural teeth. Our oral surgeons can remove wisdom teeth that are giving you trouble. So no matter what services your teeth may need, we can help keep you smiling.

Western Dental offers some very effective cosmetic dental treatments that will give you the attractive smile you’ve always wanted; including teeth whitening, veneers and bonding.

There are several different ways to fix or replace missing teeth. In general, we can break them down into three categories: crowns and bridges, dental implants, and removable dentures. Find out which form of tooth replacement is best for you? 

Crowns and Bridges Dental Implants Dentures

When you have serious tooth pain that lasts for more than a day or two, it may be a sign that you need root canal treatment. 

If you suffer from gum disease — a bacterial infection of the tissues that surround your teeth — we can help. Western Dental treats all forms of gum disease, from the mildest to the most severe.  

Treating tooth pain or injury sometimes requires oral (mouth) surgery, a dental specialty service we are proud to offer you at Western Dental.