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Quality and Safety

Western Dental, quality is a word we take very seriously. In fact, ensuring quality dental care for our patients is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve invested thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars developing the most advanced quality management program in the industry.

Our Unique Quality Assurance System

Our one-of-a-kind quality assurance system results in higher-quality dental care—and our patients are the lucky beneficiaries. The responsibility for this unique and effective system is shared by our team of expert in-house auditors, peer review committees, patient relations department and an extensive team of dentists and staff—all led by our dental director of quality management and quality assurance system.

Largest Quality Management System

Our unique and proprietary system tracks and audits all patient visits, treatments, dentists and clinical performance electronically—year-round. Western Dental is proud to have the largest quality management system, with over 30 professionals who are 100% dedicated to quality patient care.

Training & Auditing

Our Quality Management Department boasts a team of more than 15 skilled and highly experienced dentists who committed to year-round oversight of our dental offices for compliance with our quality of care policies, standards, practices and procedures.

Professional Development

From day one, we verify the clinical history, records, and credentialing of all of our dentists, further ensuring the highest quality patient care. But our dedication doesn’t stop there. We continually mentor our dentists, provide ongoing professional training, and conduct regular professional development programs and audits regularly.


Our unique, state-of-the-art quality assurance system and other electronic systems capture every treatment and dental procedure performed on every patient in our dental offices on a daily basis, and provide us with extensive analysis that measures performance against our rigorous quality of care requirements. These analyses are then reviewed by quality management dentists to add the human element and judgment that are central to the success of our quality management programs.

Continuing Education

We conduct continuing education programs year-round for our dentists and staff on industry developments and new and existing treatments, processes, systems and solutions. We want our dentists to be the brightest and most up-to-date in the industry so that they will provide our patients with excellent quality dental care.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our facilities use state-of-the art equipment, digital x-rays, instruments, tools, and supplies. Because of our size and the strength of our commitment to quality and effective dental care, we constantly review developments in the dental industry so that we can evaluate if there are new and better ways to deliver quality, affordable care to our patients.

Safety & Infection Control

We take pride in our clean, sterile, safe facilities. Our full-time safety and infection control compliance team educates and monitors all of our dental offices on a year-round basis for compliance with all safety, sterilization and other facility requirements.