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Western Dental has five offices located in the Los Angeles area including our beautiful dentist office in Huntington Park, each offering exactly what you and your family need in service, expertise, and technology.

Since 1903 Western Dental has grown over the decades, we have become the family dentists of choice within many local communities. Our satisfied patients trust Western Dental to care for those around them and we are recognized as representing some of the top cosmetic and implant dentists in the area.

No matter what your dental needs, whether maintenance or cosmetic, we hope you will trust our friendly staff and team of specialists at Huntington Park dental office to serve you.


At our Western Dental Huntington Park office, we care about high-quality, low-cost dental care and orthodontics. Visit us for braces, dental cleanings, fillings, gum therapy and crowns—even oral surgery, root canals and implants. Our experienced team and low-cost financing can help you get the dental treatment you need today. 

Our mission is to provide our patients with dental specialists who understand and use the latest advancements in technology available within the dental industry. Known for catering to even the most reluctant patients, our first and foremost priority is to provide all of our patients with a relaxing, comfortable and pain-free experience.

Patient benefits include in-house access to implant, cosmetic, periodontal, pedodontal, oral surgery, pediatric and even geriatric specialists. We offer the following services:


Great dental care can help maintain healthy and beautiful smiles for a lifetime of good oral health. Our dentists in Huntington Park genuinely love what they do and hold themselves to the highest standard of excellence when serving their patients. Feel free to contact us at (800) 579-3783 to schedule an appointment. Our dental clinic is located at 2630 E. Gage Avenue, Huntington Park, CA 90255.

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Huntington Park Dentist Reveals The Dangers Lurking Behind A Toothache
Toothaches are one of the most overlooked dental conditions. It may seem like no big deal, but these simple pains could be a sign of something more serious. A dentist in Huntington Park talks about what to look out for and when it's time to call for professional help. Dull Pain Sharp pain may be the most commonly associated symptom with a dangerous toothache, but it's not alone. A lingering dull pain is just as serious when it comes to diagnosing a toothache. That sensation only occurs after the condition is well underway. Something Doesn't Taste Right If your favorite treats don't seem so delicious anymore, it could be a sign of something more serious. Toothaches that affect the taste of food are a signal that the problem needs immediate attention. Talking to a dentist in Huntington Park for dental care helps anyone address this issue quickly. A Lingering Headache If your toothache also features a lingering headache, it may be time to get help. As the pressure and pain of a toothache grows, the condition will eventually lead to other parts of the body. The head is most susceptible and can quickly experience more pain. Some of this pain may also be tied to increasing blood pressure levels brought on by the ache's increasing intensity. Swollen Gums Swelling is a common part of many dental conditions. When the swelling accompanies a developing ache, talk to your Huntington Park dentist. This may be a sign that toxic or dangerous elements are building up around an infected area. If swelling gets to the point that the gum is breaking or tearing, it could also lead to blood loss. Excessive Sensitivity To Cold Or Hot Items Cold as well as heat may actually bring about a toothache. While this may seem like a simple problem, it can be a signal that something in the affected tooth or teeth is damaged. A damaged tooth that is untreated can become incredibly dangerous and leads to other issues such as abscesses. Have a toothache? End the suffering with a trip to Western Dental's Huntington Park office. Call (323) 584-2198 or use our online appointment form to schedule a visit today.
Huntington Park Dentist Says to Watch Our For 2 Drinks When Protecting Tooth Enamel
When we need a little “pick-me-up” sometimes we look to the way that is the easiest solution, which is generally not the healthiest. It’s when you don’t have time to take an hour and a half nap that you grab an energy drink to help wake you up. Huntington Park’s Dental staff can’t urge you enough to decrease the amount you drink of these energy drinks. They are not only bad for your physical and mental health – but they negatively affect your teeth as well. Energy drinks aren’t the only culprits – sports drinks are also not so friendly to your smile.  Of course, having them every once in awhile won’t hurt you, but it’s when you drink them often that the damage really begins.  If you are a big time energy or sports drinker, you may want to know why you should avoid these drinks at all costs. Acidic drinks are bad for your teeth Energy and sports drinks are both very acidic. Our team of dentists in Huntington Park has seen first hand the affects, which is why we highly suggest turning and running when offered these drinks. Teeth just don’t mesh well with acidity so drinking over the amount you should in a day can cause some serious decay, tooth discoloration, and more. The most evil duo With sports and energy drinks you get a large amount of sugar in every bottle. The acid is fantastic for weakening the enamel on your teeth and the sugar is perfect for speeding up the cavity process. Together they make a pretty destructive team. If you must If you must continue to drink energy and sports drinks, try to not make it a daily habit. Doing so every once in awhile is fine, but everyday can really start to put wear on your poor teeth. Also drink these drinks quickly instead of sipping on them. The longer you sip on the drink, the easier it is for it to stain your teeth. All our Huntington Park dentists ask of you is that you rinse your mouth out afterward so that the harmful affects are less likely to appear. Do you need a good local dentist in Huntington Park who cares about your teeth? Set up an appointment with Western Dental’s Huntington Park office today online or call at 323-584-2198.
Huntington Park Dentist Gives 6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Visit
Investing in your oral health is one of the best decisions you can make. Taking the time and spending the money to visit your Huntington Park dentist will pay dividends in both the short and long term. But you want to be sure that your visit is informative and productive. Here are some tips for ensuring that you get all you can out of your time with the dentist and hygienist. Jot down your questions and concerns. Does morning jaw pain mean I should consider a night guard? Why are my gums tender and bleeding more frequently? Write down your questions as they come to you. Trying to recall them all while sitting in the waiting room of your Huntington Park dentist can be a challenge!  Stay on schedule. Make each visit easier and more effective by getting regular cleanings and checkups. If your hygienist is having to work hard to get your pearly whites sparkling clean because you haven’t seen the dentist in years, your experience (and the hygienist’s) will be less enjoyable.  Tell your dentist about any and all health changes. Getting the big picture on your overall health helps your dentist understand any changes in your oral health. If you are comfortable sharing them, even your major life events can provide a clue about changes in your mouth. That stressful project you’re about to wrap up at work? It may be the cause of your increased clenching and grinding — so maybe a night guard isn’t needed. Share a list of your medications and supplements. Some medications or herbal remedies can cause blood thinning and increased bleeding during a cleaning or procedure. Your dentist will want to be prepared for that. Other prescription drugs can increase tooth decay. Knowing you are taking them can be enlightening when your dentist is trying to understand why you have new cavities. Make a To Do list. Your dentist and hygienist will provide you with great information on how to take care of your mouth. They may encourage you to try a different kind of floss, pay more attention to a certain area when you brush, or to be aware of the signs of a developing condition. Whatever their advice is, you want to remember it when you get home. Be frank. Nobody likes to admit that they are skipping brushing at times or rarely flossing. But being honest about these things with your dentist and hygienist will make it easier for them to assess your oral health and provide advice on how to improve it. In many cases they have tips to share that can make a big difference in your next checkup, but they need to have all the facts in front of them.  You’ve made a commitment to your oral health by scheduling a dentist appointment. Now the smart thing to do is to work with the team at your dentist’s office to make that visit as productive as possible. Looking for a dentist in Huntington Park? Contact us online or at 323-584-2198 today to schedule an appointment.