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Western Dental is the dentist office Palm Springs residents have come to know and trust. Featuring over 4,000 dentists, administrators, managers, and other highly skilled professionals company-wide, we are more than just a dentist office. We are an entire network of specialists who offer affordable dental and oral health care to the community and local residents.

If you are in need of a dentist in Palm Springs who understands your oral health care needs, take a moment to check out our Western Dental office located at 555 S. Sunrise Way, Suite 400. Our friendly team of Palm Springs dentists is committed to handling all your dental and orthodontic needs no matter what the issue.


At our Palm Springs dental office we care about high-quality, low-cost dental care and orthodontics. Visit us for braces, dental cleanings, fillings, gum therapy and crowns—even oral surgery, root canals and implants. Our experienced team and low-cost financing can help you get the dental treatment you need today. 

Western Dental has a sterling reputation for putting safety first. We make sure to listen to the needs of our customers as well as help them feel at ease during their visit by creating a welcoming environment.

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Keep Your Child's Mouth Cavity-Free with These Great Tips from Our Palm Springs Dentist
Cavities are one of the worst things that can happen to a tooth. Keeping these unsightly additions away from your child's mouth is not just an aesthetic issue, its can also become a health issue if not addressed. Use these great tips from our knowledgeable Palm Springs dentist and kiss those cavity worries goodbye. Proper Brushing and Flossing It goes without saying, but brushing and flossing should be the top priority of any parent looking for a way to curb cavities. At Western Dental, our Palm Springs dentists are teaching that the right techniques early on can lead to a life free of these annoying, and costly issues. Start by choosing a smaller brush that is designed for a child's mouth. Toothpaste for children can also help make this transition easier. When you're ready to introduce flossing, start with small, calming movements. Fluoride Our dentist in Palm Springs will tell you how important fluoride is to preventing childhood cavities. It's not just dentists that agree on this nutrient, even the American Dental Association touts its importance. Fluoride may already be in your local water supply. If you're wondering what levels of the nutrient are found in the area, simply contact the city's main government offices. They can connect you to the information and provide it directly. Topical fluoride treatments are also available at our local Palm Springs Western Dental. These easy to apply solutions take only a few minutes and can be done during a regularly schedule visit. Regular Check-ups Speaking of dental check-ups, they're crucial to proper dental care. When it comes to preventing cavities, every dentist visit counts. Dentists know that just one cavity can lead to more dental issues. They can spot dangers early on and advise parents on the most current techniques for fighting these unwanted additions. Visiting a dentist is one of the most important steps in keeping your child's teeth cavity free. Check out Western Dental's Palm Springs office online or call (760) 904-5486 to schedule an appointment.
A Palm Springs Dentist Can Treat Your Loose Tooth
As an adult, a loose tooth can be a disturbing occurrence. While it's perfectly natural for baby teeth to wiggle and then fall out, you only get one set of natural adult teeth, so it's alarming if you see signs that one might fall out. You might also wonder what caused such a change in your mouth and whether the situation can be corrected. In many cases, a loose tooth can be treated, but you do need to seek assistance from your local Palm Springs dentist as soon as possible for the best chance at saving the tooth. What Causes a Loose Tooth? Loose teeth can be caused by a number of issues or ailments. One common reason for loose adult teeth is a trauma to the mouth or jaw, such as being hit by a ball or other object. Teeth can also become loose because of medical conditions, which is why it's important to take a holistic approach to health, caring for both your body and teeth via diet and good dental habits. Two specific dental-related issues can also lead to loose teeth. First, periodontal disease that has advanced can cause bone loss in the mouth. As bone shrinks away from teeth, they become loose. Second, if you have excessive bite force from misaligned teeth or grinding, one or more teeth can be stressed over time and become loose. The best way to begin to understand why your tooth is loose is to consult with a dentist in Palm Springs as soon as you noticed the issue. Some Options for Treating Loose Adult Teeth Treatments for loose adult teen can be both mechanical and biological. First, if periodontal disease or other health issues are at play, treating the issue is important. Often, once the periodontal disease is addressed, the tooth's attachment heals over time. If a bite or alignment issue is the cause of a loose tooth, then a dentist can offer numerous treatments, including mouth guards to reduce bite force, reshaping of teeth, or bridging of teeth to appropriately distribute force. Don't let fear or your imagination keep you from addressing a problem before you lose a tooth completely. Instead, reach out to our professional dentists in Palm Springs. Our team at Western Dental can help you understand the cause and how to treat your loose tooth. Do you have a potentially loose tooth? Don't wait for the situation to get worse; contact Western Dental's Palm Springs office for a consultation today
A Palm Springs Dentist Talks About Getting in Shape While Brushing Your Teeth
Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done? Work, fitness, errands, kids, life… Not to worry, we have an out-of-the-box solution to your time management woes, especially if you’re looking for a way to burn some extra calories and can’t find the time. Lets talk about exercising while brushing your teeth! We sat down with a few of our dentists in Palm Springs to chat about how their patients could find easy ways to fit oral health care into their busy daily lives. After a bouncing a few ideas off of the walls, we started talking about integrating oral health with basic fitness concepts, such as brushing while stretching. We came up with 5 exercises to try while brushing your teeth:  1.    Tree Pose The tree pose is all about improving your balance. With one leg standing straight, take the other leg and place the foot on the inner thigh. If you can’t reach your foot to your thigh - don’t give up yet! Just go as high as you can even if it means you can only make it to your ankle. Overtime if you continue to do this pose while brushing your teeth, your balance will become phenomenal. If it gets too easy try closing your eyes. That should add some difficulty.  2.    Squats Squats will really get a sweat going while brushing your teeth. It works out your whole lower body including your lower back, gluts, abdominals, and more. Our team of dentists in Palm Springs recommend you challenge yourself by doing as many squats as you can in one teeth brushing session. If you get to 20 squats, then do at least 21 the next day. Try beating your squat score everyday. 3.    Lunges If your bathroom isn’t big enough for these just move around the house. These are great for your legs as well as flexibility and balance. 4.    Jumping Jacks We know you have to actually use one of your hands to brush your teeth so this exercise will need to be adjusted a little. Find the best way to do a one handed jumping jack while in the bathroom. This one will really get your heart beating. 5.    Calf raises This exercise requires you to simply stand on the balls of your feet and then put your heels back down. At around 15 reps you will probably start to feel a burn. Instead of just doing one movement the whole time, our excellent team of dentists in Palm Springs suggest mixing up the movements to make a short workout that is best for you.  Looking for a local Dentist in Palm Springs? Be sure to schedule an appointment with Western Dental’s Palm Springs office today online or call at 760-904-5486!