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You keep the people's gums strong and healthy

We do all the rest

Like every specialist at Western Dental, you’ll be free to focus on your practice and patient care because we handle administration, management and billing.

Being a Periodontist at Western Dental

There are very few practices where a Periodontist make a bigger impact in people's lives than Western Dental. As the largest oral-health provider in California (and #1 Medic-Cal provider) we serve an immense patient roster with a wide range of periodontal issues. From diagnosis and treatment of early gum disease that literally saves teeth and lives to gum grafts and restorative procedures — we promise to keep you challenged.

When you're ready for more challenges, we offer multiple pathways into supervising roles, clinical management and quality assurance.

If you are a graduate of an ADA-accredited Periodontal program, just finished your residency, or are an experienced periodontist you can earn a very competitive salary in a position that lets you focus on patient care. If you're interested, we would love to hear your story.

  • Work full or part-time
  • Focus on periodontal care while we run the business
  • Work in state of-the-art, digital facilities with experienced periodontal support staff
  • Immigration sponsorships and US visa assistance
  • Sharpen your skills and knowledge with paid training and continuing education
  • Earn a salary and incentives near the top of the industry

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Here's something to chew on: A practice that is yours to perfect

Western Dental serves a lot of people—over 1 million patients every year. The fact that we're big doesn't mean you'll feel like a small cog in some impersonal machine. In fact, you'll probably feel liberated. You'll be free to practice truly patient-centered care, free from billing and insurance claims and completely supported by your local office and our clinical network.

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