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Western Dental and its affiliates strive for uncompromising excellence, both at the team and individual levels. To achieve that, we offer our dentists and staff a wide range of seminars and continuing education programs designed to strengthen professional, clinical and managerial skills. All of these professional development opportunities are provided without tuition fees to our doctors and staff members. Training and development is another great aspect of a career with Western Dental.

Seminars, Classes and Skills Audits

Our clinical courses are taught by nationally recognized clinicians and educators, our Chief Dental Director, our Clinical Directors and our Quality Assurance Auditors. We conduct hands-on clinical courses to introduce the latest in materials and techniques. We conduct seminars regarding a variety of subjects such as Infection Control, Endodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics, and Cosmetic Dentistry. Western Dental also provides ongoing training seminars that include case reviews, patient management, patient relations, and preventive practices.


Western Dental and its affiliates ensure that their offices have qualified, skilled dentists and supporting staff by providing their dentists and staff members with on-going training. In-office training is conducted by Western Dental Clinical Directors, dental manufacturer representatives and other dental experts. Additional training materials are provided via DVD, and on-demand at Western Dental Learning for doctors.


To ensure that the treatment of each patient reflects the high standards set by Western Dental and its affiliates, all of the doctors receive mentoring from multiple sources. Associate Doctors receive day to day mentoring by the Managing Doctor in the office. Both Managing and Associate Doctors receive regular ongoing face-to-face mentoring from their Clinical Director and Quality Assurance Auditors. Additional mentoring is also provided by the Orthodontic Directors, Specialty Doctors, and other professionals within the Quality Management Department.

Quality Assurance Reviews

Our Quality Assurance Review system begins when providers are first screened for employment on the Western Dental and affiliated team. Once qualified, each member of the Western Dental and affiliated team is reviewed regularly for the quality of treatment rendered to our patients. These reviews are conducted by the Quality Assurance Auditors, all of whom are licensed dentists with many years of clinical experience. In addition, all Western Dental and affiliated offices are audited regularly for compliance with infection control, safety, hazardous materials, and regulatory requirements. We make sure that our patients are treated in a safe environment. Our Quality Management Department activities and continuing education classes ensure that every doctor and staff member is trained and continues developing his or her skills so as to provide the best care available.

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