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ORANGE, Calif., March 30, 2017 – Western Dental has provided funds to 75 schools through its “Smiles for Schools” program since January and is on pace to reach this year’s goal of giving out over $100,000 in support of schools.

Western Dental’s “Smiles for Schools” sponsorship program pairs more than 200 offices of Western Dental & Orthodontics, and its affiliates Brident Dental & Orthodontics and Smile Wide, with neighboring intermediate and high schools.  

Western Dental, one of the nation’s leaders in accessible, affordable, high-quality oral health care, is a leading provider of orthodontic and family dentistry services in California, Texas and Arizona.

“Smiles for Schools helps support good oral health habits at an early age,” said Dr. John Luther, Chief Dental Officer. “Western Dental is committed to partnering with schools to share our expertise regarding dental health, which is so important for young people to grasp.”

Schools from across California, Texas and Arizona have signed up for the program, including Casa Grande Union High School and the Roskruge Bilingual Magnet K-8 School in Tucson, Arizona.

“Roskruge Bilingual Magnet and its 700 students greatly appreciate the contribution from Western Dental,” said Roskruge Principal Jose Olivas. “The funds will go toward our 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC), which is an afterschool program that offers academic intervention and enrichment activities that supplement our school day program. In addition, educational services are offered to family members of students participating in the program.”

“Smiles for Schools” funding, which is just one component of the program, is used by each school at their discretion. In addition, Western Dental will provide support at school events, sharing oral health information with students and their parents as part of an ongoing partnership with each school.

“We have found schools to be very receptive to our outreach, and creative in the ways they invite us to partner,” said Josh Marder, Chief Marketing Officer of Western Dental and its affiliates. “We are really enjoying this opportunity to support local education and school activities while providing essential oral health information to children, teens, and their families.”

To learn more about Western Dental, visit www.westerndental.com or call 1-800-6-DENTAL.


Western Dental (with its affiliates, Brident Dental & Orthodontics and Smile Wide) is one of the nation’s largest dental providers and is the leader in accessible, affordable oral health care, serving over two million patient visits annually in more than 220 affiliated clinics throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Western Dental is the #1 provider of orthodontic services in California and last year expanded its network of orthodontists, oral surgeons, pedodontists, periodontists and endodontists, to better service patient needs all within the office. All of Western Dental’s services are backed by a unique quality assurance system that electronically monitors all patient visits, treatments, dental staff and clinical performance to enable high-quality care. To learn more about Western Dental or inquire about an office in your community, visit www.westerndental.com or call 1-800-6-DENTAL.

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