SAN JOSE, Calif.  February 8, 2019 – Western Dental & Orthodontics, one of the nation’s leaders in accessible, affordable oral healthcare and the leading orthodontics provider in the country, today announced an agreement with the Health Trust and the Mexican Consulate in San Jose to be the dental health partner in the Consulate’s Windows of Health program.

Under the partnership, Western Dental will administer the dental health program throughout Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey counties.

Health Trust has a 20-year history of providing health-related grants, policies and services in the Silicon Valley.

“We’re pleased that Western Dental and Health Trust will be our dental health partners in our Windows of Health program,” said Juan Manuel Calderon Jaimes, General Consul at the Consulate. “Our alliance strengthens the range of health services offered to the Mexican migrant community.”

The Consulate General has designated a space for Western Dental’s use to provide free dental screenings, dental exams and dental education for adults and children.

Initially, dental services at the Consulate will be available for two days each week and will be expanded as the need grows. Western Dental will also be a full participant in upcoming health fairs at the Consulate and in the “Mobile Consulate” program.

Among the specific services Western Dental will provide are:

  • Workshops on topics such as brushing teeth and flossing
  • Regular dental visits
  • Dental services for children, adults and seniors
  • Nutrition in oral health, oral anatomy, mouth cancer, orthodontics, gingivitis, and additional topics.

“Our agreement fortifies the existing relationship we’ve built with the consulate and will raise awareness about the importance of maintaining good oral health,” said Edwin Rivera, Vice President of Community Marketing & Strategic Alliances for Western Dental. “We are extremely happy to partner with the Consulate in serving the community and providing the oral health education and dental services that are needed in this area.”

The partnership will kick off this Friday, February 8, with an inauguration ceremony, followed with a Health Fair February 9 at the Consulate, located at 302 Enzo Drive, Suite 200 in San Jose.

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