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ORANGE, Calif., December 20, 2018 – That semi-annual check-up is on the minds of many parents. And one of the best times to do it is now – over the Christmas holidays.

Because many adults are focused on the holiday season, and then shifting back into normal work mode, dental offices typically are a little quiet in late December and early January.

That means there are plenty of convenient appointment times for busy families over the holiday season.

Along with all the wonderful holiday plans this time of year, consider using this time for your child’s bi-annual oral check-up. An oral exam and cleaning will protect a child’s teeth from the numerous sugary treats during the holidays.

“Children consume a lot of extra treats this time of year and that means there’s a greater likelihood of getting a cavity due to the increased sugar intake,” said Dr. John Luther, Chief Dental Officer for Western Dental. “That’s a primary reason why getting a cleaning and full exam is a smart thing to do.”

One other good reason for getting an exam before the New Year is parents can take advantage of insurance benefits that will be expiring at the end of December, including cavity prevention treatments like fluoride and dental sealants that have lasting benefits through the New Year.

Another positive is a dental exam can reveal anything that needs to be addressed in the future. This will result in a pre-treatment estimate that is good information in determining one’s 2019 dental insurance considerations.

Additionally, scheduling an appointment can re-establish the importance of proper dental care and perhaps give your child a New Year’s resolution to ponder – brushing and flossing regularly.

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