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Originally founded in 1903, Western Dental Plan became a Knox-Keene licensed dental HMO in 1985 with its goal to meet the increased demand for dental care in an ever-changing economic environment.

As the most experienced dental and oral health maintenance organization we offer employers a full line of DHMO dental plans, we have over 3,400+ provider access points throughout our independent private dental offices and our staff model offices.

Western Dental Plan strives for innovation in group dental plan design and provider compensation, to deliver a broad range of coverage expected in dental managed care benefits. Our Series 7 dental plan increases the number of covered procedures to include the availability of cosmetic alternatives and more orthodontic options for children and adults. Our dental benefit designs are an effective way to reduce the rapidly increasing cost of dental benefits while improving access to quality dental care. Our plans have the flexibility to be customized depending on the needs of the client such replacing existing DHMO plans or be offered along-side a PPO.

Exceptional Service

Western Dental Plan is committed to providing our members with professional, quality, and personalized experience. From the moment our members enroll their satisfaction is our top priority.

Group Dental Plans

Western Dental Plan markets, network based, commercial group and individual dental benefits. The dental services in these benefit designs are delivered through our network of Independent Private Contracted Providers (IPA’s) in addition to our staff model offices. We continually bring to market valuable improvements in the dental manage care model. We understand how to provide the improvements desired and have the capabilities necessary to deliver the expected results.

Plan Advantages

  • Plans that cover what employees need and what employers need to reduce cost
  • Customize dental plans that meet your client’s needs
  • We have low cost off-the-shelf products that can deliver an additional option to replace a benefit you already offer
  • Cosmetic procedures – Implants
  • Full spectrum of family, specialty services at our staff model offices
  • Flexibility in allowing members to visit any Western Dental Center without the worry of being appointed to a provider

Western Dental Plan provides comprehensive educational program to educate the dental care consumer on how to utilize our program benefits. Our goal is to provide quality, cost effective dental health care.

Part of our basic educational program provides:

  • Open enrollment meetings
  • Employee kits
  • Employer letters
  • “Easy to Understand” Employee Handbooks

Member Access and Services

Provider Distribution

Our provider network is extensive, with general dentists and specialist available throughout the state, in addition to a broad selection of independently contracted providers and our staff model offices. This network distribution delivers great access to high quality cost-effective dental care.

Service Advantage 

  • Small enough to be flexible, large enough to have the required capabilities
  • Continuously monitored treatment quality to deliver the best and most appropriate member care
  • Response rates that set the industry standard for:
    • Customer Service telephone response
    • Claims payment turnaround
    • Grievance resolution
    • Enrollment and eligibility process
    • Dedicated Account Management for you and your clients

Treatment Financing 

Our staff model offices are unique in the industry. We are the only dental service organization that extends credit directly, at competitively low rates to our members. We also offer CareCredit to those who qualify.


As the largest and most experienced dental and oral health maintenance organization we’ve learned what our clients need and want in a dental plan. A local company based in Orange County providing you with personalized services you expect from your plan provider. Our commitment to service, quality dental health care, stability and administrative ease.

Technology and Quality Management

As a true leader in defining and delivery excellence in oral health care. Our staff model offices use:

  • Digital Intra-Oral Cameras
  • Self Service Check-in-Kiosk
  • Centralized Electronic Appointment System
  • Digital X-rays (low radiation)
  • Electronic Patient Triage (tracks patient flow throughout the entire visit, thus monitoring wait times)
  • iPads for educational content and customer surveys

Western Dental Plan believes in a strong foundation of patient care that is strongly tied back to research and industry – leading practices, benefiting all members receiving clinical service.

As an organization, we are on our way to be the best in our industry. Our world has been radically transformed by digital technology; smart phones, tablets and web-enabled devices have altered the way we communicate. As the leader of progression in dentistry, change is made by automating and streamlining the standard of care to provide the best service to our patients.

Quality Management (QM) and Internal Audit - Our Clinical Standards for Care

We contract the best and brightest dental providers and continually refine their skills through training and coaching. This continuous improvement and our unique QA (Quality Assurance) program enables us to treat our member with the needs from basic hygiene to complex restorations. We provide over 8 million individual treatment actions per year within California alone.

Our one of kind quality assurance systems results in improved dental care of our members. We are 100% dedicated to quality dental care.

We also have an independent internal audit function to ensure compliance and excellence for quality of care in all areas of Western Dental. We take pride in ensuring that our contracted providers are following all safety and sterilization requirements year round.

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