After a routine dental health check your dentist may recommend a treatment plan for you based on what they’ve observed from your teeth and gums. Depending on your case, the recommendation could range from a basic filling (most patients) to a dental implant, a deep cleaning or something else.  So, it’s wise to get clarification if you have any questions.

Consider asking these questions for your treatment recommendations:

  • What can I expect after treatment?
  • What are the consequences of saying no to treatment?
  • What part of the recommendations are covered under my dental plan?
  • What would my cost be for any treatment that’s not covered under my dental plan?
  • How much of the total treatment cost will I be responsible for?
  • Do you offer a payment plan?

It’s important to understand your dentist’s diagnosis and your dental plan’s co-payments to avoid surprises. Armed with a good understanding of your treatment plan, you’ll be on your way to enhancing your smile and improving the health of your mouth, teeth and gums.