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Only someone with a missing or broken tooth can know the negative impact it can have on their life and the embarrassment it can cause. Some people choose dental bridges to resolve the issue. Others with more extreme tooth loss resort to dentures. These alternatives work for some, but many times produce less than satisfactory results, limiting the ability to eat, chew, speak clearly and enjoy life fully.

That’s why dental implants have become the best alternative to tooth restoration. A dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement that looks and feels like a real tooth. Implants can also serve as a foundation for dentures or partial dentures, providing a more comfortable and secure bite.

The advantages of dental implants are not merely cosmetic. Because they function as a real tooth, they prevent bone loss when teeth are missing. Dental implants stimulate healthy bone tissue and bone growth surrounding the tooth, which help maintain a more youthful facial appearance.

Tooth restoration is an art. It is important to work with a qualified implant specialist who is not only trained to place the titanium implant (the foundation for the new tooth), but works with a specialized lab to manufacture a crown that will be indistinguishable from a natural-looking tooth, made to match the shade and shape of your other teeth and allow you to chew, bite, gnaw, sing, laugh – just like you would with a healthy, natural tooth – with a smile you can be proud to show off with total confidence.

Implant-secured dentures can change your life. Denture wearers have found that securing their dentures with dental implants (they snap into place) allows them to increase their chewing efficiency. Dental implants secure the dentures in place by attaching to the titanium implants, giving denture patients more confidence.


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