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Your smile is one of your greatest assets. Many health problems can start in our mouths, that's why Medi-Cal dental coverage is so vital to California residents.

Medi-Cal is the name for the California Medi-Cal Assistance Program, the state’s Medicaid program. Medi-Cal provides health and medical dental insurance coverage for qualified families and individuals in California. It’s free to eligible members.

Medi-Cal Dental covers most dental services:

  • Diagnostic and preventive dental services (e.g., examinations, x-rays, and cleanings)
  • Emergency treatment for control of pain and infection
  • Fillings and tooth extractions
  • Periodontal (gum) maintenance
  • Root canal treatments
  • Complete and partial dentures
  • Orthodontics for children who qualify

Medi-Cal Dental coverage helps Medi-Cal members save money on preventative and restorative dental work. For some people, dental care consists of a couple of trips to the dentist each year for an exam and cleaning. For others, dental care can require expensive dental procedures. That’s why coverage provided by Medi-Cal Dental is so important. But the best way to save on dental care bills is to maintain your overall dental health by visiting the dentist for regular exams to stay ahead of any dental problems.

How to apply for Medi-Cal Dental coverage:

If you have Medi-Cal, you already have Medi-Cal Dental. Every Western Dental office accepts Medi-Cal Dental patients and can help you determine what services are covered. They are happy to answer any questions you may have and can help you apply online.

Want to learn more? Smile, California is hosting Facebook Live virtual presentations for Medi-Cal members in two languages this week, one in English and one in Spanish. Register on Facebook today.

English presentation: https://fb.me/e/1baEU69ph

Spanish presentation:  https://fb.me/e/2XYva5kJN




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