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If you have a dental plan, either as an individual or part of an employer group, you have access to affordable services that will enhance your smile and improve the health of your mouth, teeth and gums. Knowing what’s covered will help you make informed decisions about your dentist’s recommendations for treatment.

Many plans include reduced or waived fees for routine cleanings, exams, implant or orthodontics consultations, or basic fillings. After a dental exam, your dentist may develop a customized diagnosis and treatment plan. To better understand your dentist’s recommended treatment, consider the following:

  • What part of the recommendations are covered under your dental plan?
  • What part of the treatment is not a covered benefit, and what would your cost be?
  • How much of the total treatment cost will you be responsible for?
  • How many visits will be required to complete treatment?
  • What can you expect after treatment? Will you be able to eat?
  • What kind of at-home maintenance should you do in order to extend the benefits of your treatment?
  • What are the consequences of declining treatment?

The diagnosis given by your dentist may include a number of treatment options, so you’ll want to ask questions along the way to understand all the implications. If you need further information, get in touch with your dental plan patient services department for specific coverage questions. They’re usually happy to help!







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