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En Western Dental, hacemos el cuidado dental de alta calidad conveniente y asequible para miles de personas en todo California, Arizona y Nevada. Nuestros profesionales de la odontología amigables y experimentados proporcionan una amplia gama de servicios dentales de la familia, incluyendo la ortodoncia, estética dental y cuidado dental de emergencia. Aquí, estaremos encantados de tratar a los pacientes de todas las edades, incluyendo niños pequeños. También damos la bienvenida sin cita y oferta de la noche y las citas de fin de semana.

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August Is Dental Sealants Month at Western Dental
It may be Dental Sealants Month at every Western Dental office, but sealants will help reduce cavities all year long. If you’re a parent, you know that getting your child to brush after every meal can be a challenge. Even so, while brushing is key, it’s not always possible to reach every nook and cranny, especially back molars, where food particles and cavity-causing bacteria can hide. That’s why dental sealants, a clear, thin protective coating, can be a key treatment in reducing and preventing cavities. In fact, sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of decay by nearly 80% in molars. This is especially important when it comes to your child's dental health since, according to a report issued by the Center for Disease Control, "school-age children without sealants have almost three times more cavities than children with sealants." (October 2016) Early intervention for children is key (although adults can benefit from sealants, too). First molars appear around age 6, and second molars break through around age 12. Applying sealants to new molars can keep them cavity-free from the start, which helps save time and money in the long run. Applying sealants is an easy and painless process. Your dentist preps the surface of your tooth by applying a gel so that a strong bond will form between your tooth and the sealant. Sealant is then applied onto the grooves of your tooth and hardened under a special blue light. Sealants dry to a clear, invisible coating. Your dentist will insure the sealants are effectively protecting your teeth each time you come in for your appointment. Sealants will often last for several years. Your dentist can advise you if sealants are an option for you, and how often you might need to reapply them.
Be Prepared for Summer Travel: 5 Dental Health Tips for Your Vacation
Summer is here and, for many of us, it’s time for family vacation. Whether you’re boarding a plane for an exotic locale, spending a few days at your favorite amusement park, or loading up the kids for a trip to Grandma’s, it may still be a challenge to make dental health a part of your itinerary. After you’ve packed the sunscreen, bug spray and first aid kit, here are a few tips to protect your teeth and avoid dental mishaps: Don’t neglect your dental hygiene just because you’re on vacation. While a break from the usual routine may be welcome, you’ll still want to maintain good oral health. Make teeth brushing and flossing prerequisite for you and your family before heading off to the beach or boarding the tour bus. Just because you’re roughing it on a camping trip doesn’t mean your dental hygiene needs to suffer. Keep healthy food on hand. Summer can mean cotton candy, s’mores and soda – fun as an occasional treat, but too many sugary foods can lead to cavities. When packing for a road trip, think fruit, nuts, low-sugar or sugar-free options. You’ll save money on snacks – and your teeth. Buy new gear. While you’re shopping for that new swimsuit or summer outfit, now is also the time to stock up on new toothbrushes to replace those old, worn out and frayed brushes. The American Dental Association recommends replacing your brush every three to four months. Toothbrush holders for travel and travel-sized toothpaste are also useful items when away from home. Know what to do in case of a dental emergency. Carry your dentist’s contact information with you, and know where the nearest dentist is located. When in doubt, call Western Dental. They have over 240 locations in the West, so if you’re traveling in California, Arizona, Texas or Nevada, you may just find one close by. Schedule a check-up for your family. Get a clean bill of dental health for the summer and avoid tooth problems while on vacation. That way, you’ll have your check-ups out of the way and the kids will be ready for classes in the Fall. To schedule an appointment at the nearest Western Dental office, click here. Summer vacation is made for family time and outdoor activities. With a little preparation, you can minimize unforeseen dental problems and return from your trip renewed and ready to tackle your next challenge.