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ORANGE, Calif., December 5, 2019 – The holidays are upon us, signaling the start of a cherished season filled with giving and receiving. While enjoying this celebratory time of year, it is good to be alert to the well-being of yourself and those you love.

Here are some tips from Western Dental to keep your mouth and gums healthy during this festive season:

  • Don’t forget about nutrition. A lot of holiday food traditions began when sugary sweets were a rare treat. Today, sugar is everywhere, but it is best to limit intake for the sake of your teeth. Sugary feasts with marshmallow-topped yam casserole and pecan pie can be a delight. But sugar is a feast for cavity-causing bacteria. TIP: Consider brushing your teeth more frequently during the holidays, especially after sugary treats and meals.


  • Veggies & salad. Make sure to balance holiday meals by including vegetables and salads. TIP: Red and orange veggies are usually high in vitamin C (good for gums), while leafy green vegetables are a great calcium source for strong teeth.


  • Preventative steps: Drinking water intermittently helps keep sugar and food particles from resting in the grooves of your teeth. TIP: It’s important to maintain good habits by brushing the teeth thoroughly after meals and flossing every day.


  • Holiday dental visits: Holiday weeks are the perfect time to visit the dentist. Kids are out of school, and many dental offices have available appointments. And, as holiday shopping approaches, look for deals on dental work and orthodontics. TIP: At Western Dental, patients receive a free whitening sample kit when they come in for a visit.


  • Give the gift of great teeth: Sometimes the best gifts are things that last a lifetime, like a great smile. Braces, dental implants, take-home products like electric toothbrushes, and other dental services can make great gifts. TIP: Consider home care products available online or at Western Dental offices.


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