We’re proud of every tooth we clean, polish and protect

Not to brag (ok, maybe a tiny bit), but we work hard to take care of every molar, bicuspid and sharp little incisor we have the honor to serve.

#1 oral healthcare provider in California

No one takes care of more teeth in the Golden State than us!

#1 orthodontic provider in the nation

We help more people straighten up and smile right than any other orthodontic group in the entire United States.

#1 provider for Medi-Cal Dental in CA

Every tooth deserves to be a healthy tooth. That's why we love Medi-Cal, and accept Medi-Cal patients at every location in California.

We see over 1 million patients a year — serving that many teeth takes a serious practice

Over 900 licensed dental providers

Including dentists, hygienists, periodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, and implant specialists.

More than 4,500 support staff

Including dental assistants, care coordinators, receptionists, business managers and corporate staff.

Nearly 320 Locations

Western Dental and its affiliates operate more than 300 dental offices in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Alabama. 

Smiles should last a lifetime.

We're here to make sure everyone has access to complete dental care of the highest quality. Not just check-ups and fillings: complete dental care including braces, implants and oral surgery. We have everything a healthy smile requires in one place.

Affordable dental care for all (braces included)

We set our prices for people, not pop stars. Plus we accept almost every insurance plan, offer our own plans for people without insurance and help you cover the bill with CareCredit and in-house financing.

Convenient locations and hours

We can see you in the evenings or on Saturdays at most of our locations.

The highest quality dentistry

Our dentists and specialists come from the top dental schools in the U.S. and are backed by one of the largest and most sophisticated dental health organizations in the country.

Home for ages zero to a hundred and zero

Dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons — we bring them all together in a single Dental Home for you and your entire family.

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The people need teeth, my friends

Of course we care about teeth. We’re dentists! But it goes way deeper, all the way to the roots of who we are.

Why we're champions for teeth

Here for every tooth since 1903

We’ve been making quality care more affordable since our founder, Dr. Curtis Beauchamp, opened his first office in 1903. Like a lot of visionaries back then in Los Angeles, he did a lot more than start a practice. He opened up dentistry to the people and championed the idea that everyone should have good oral health.

He did it by delivering excellent care at affordable prices and letting his patients pay over time. Back then, they called it "Credit Dentistry." These days, it's how almost all of us afford the braces, root canals and implants we need.

By the 1930’s Dr. Beauchamp and his son, Dr. Robert F. Beauchamp were treating thousands of patients at multiple locations. Fast forward to today, and we serve over 1 Million people a year in four states.

But we still live by Dr. Beauchamp’s ideals : quality dental care for all the people. The people need teeth. We’re here to make sure they have them all life long.

Setting our course

Meet the women and men who keep us on track and true to our word.

About Our Leaders