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Patient Bill of Rights

In California, anyone seeking dental care can enter our offices with the assurance that they possess certain patient rights to care and conduct which must be maintained in the course of treatment. So that there is no question of what you can expect from us, we are pleased to share this patient bill of rights and responsibilities with you.

Patient Rights

  • Our patients have a right to an appointment with their primary dentist for emergency care within 24 hours.
  • Right to an initial appointment within 3 weeks.
  • Right to obtain from his/her dentist complete, current information about his/her diagnosis.
  • Right to receive from his/her dentist information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure and/or treatment.
  • Right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law, provided he/she accepts the responsibility and consequences of the decision.
  • Right to considerate and respectful care. The patient has a right to every consideration of his/her privacy concerning his/her own dental care program. The patient has a right to expect that all communications and records pertaining to his/her care should be treated as confidential.
  • Right to expect reasonable continuity of care.
  • Right to examine and receive an explanation of his/her bill regardless of the source of payment.
  • Right to voice his/her complaints and appeals to the office without discrimination and expect problems to be fairly examined and appropriately addressed by the office.
  • Right to file a complaint with the company and receive a written response within 30 days as to the disposition of the complaint. The patient may write to the company at P.O. Box 14227, Orange, California 92863 or call (800) 992-3366.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Please keep appointments and when unable to do so, notify the dental office as soon as possible.
  • Please provide dentists with all information needed in order to care for the patient, including accurate and current health history, and communicate whether he/she clearly comprehends a contemplated course of treatment.
  • Please do your part to improve his/her own health condition by following treatment plans, instructions and care that the patient has agreed on with the dentist. Please behave in a manner that supports the care provided to other patients and the general functioning of the facility.
  • Please provide accurate insurance information and accept the financial obligations (copayments, coinsurance and deductibles) associated with services rendered.

Government Managed Care Programs

In addition to Medi-Cal, the state of California offers various managed care programs for low-income individuals. Western Dental is the largest staff model office provider of dental care to individuals enrolled in California's managed care programs. We are proud to extend quality dentistry to people who might otherwise find dental care unaffordable.

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