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Dental Services

Keep your smile looking its best. We offer all the high-quality, low-cost dental services that you and your family need.

As a family dentistry, Western Dental understands that children are special patients who need extra care and attention. Just like adults, children face a variety of dental challenges including tooth decay and infection. The best way for your child to avoid dental issues now – and in the future ­– is to start forming good dental habits at an early age.

Cavities can happen to anyone at any age. In addition to regular dental checkups and professional cleanings from Western Dental, good oral hygiene including daily brushing and flossing can help prevent cavities.

Children's Dentistry Cavity Prevention & Treatment

We all notice a great smile and it’s never too late to get one! At Western Dental, we offer several types of braces including traditional and Invisalign® clear braces to help you or your loved one achieve a beautiful and memorable smile. 

Braces Invisalign

A beautiful smile can make you look and feel better. It can also boost your social and professional self-confidence. At Western Dental, we offer a number of treatment options to keep your smile bright.

Dental problems left untreated can cause tooth pain and lead to more serious issues. It is important to take care of tooth pain as soon as possible by scheduling an appointment with your local Western Dental dentist.

Dental Injuries Gum Disease Tooth Removal

We offer same-day and next-day appointments. And we'll stay open late to provide the emergency care you need. We’ll even find you a dentist open on Saturdays.