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New Name Reflects an Expanding National Family of Health & Wellness Companies, Including Differentiated Dental Office Brands, Dental and Vision Benefit Plans, Provider Networks and Ancillary Services – All Focused on Quality, Value and Innovation

DALLAS, TX, June 9, 2022 – Sonrava Health has been established as the parent organization of a family of health and wellness companies, including Western Dental & Orthodontics, Brident Dental & Orthodontics, LooksBrite Eye Centers, MIB Insurance Plans and more. Sonrava Health unites these companies under one umbrella with a singular dedication to delivering high-quality, convenient and affordable care through innovative provider models, health coverage and product offerings. Building on a proven platform of success, the new national brand will continue to expand access to dental and vision care with a mission of advancing whole-person health for patients from all backgrounds.

“The Sonrava Health name reflects our transformation into a national health and wellness organization serving diverse communities with high quality, tailored dental, vision and other services,” said Daniel D. Crowley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sonrava Health.  “Through our individual brands, supported by a technology-enabled platform, we drive excellent general and specialty dental care, create dental and vision plans and provider network solutions for groups and individuals, and offer dental and vision products and services directly to consumers.”

A geographically diverse, multispecialty organization geared towards a unique mix of providers and payors, Sonrava is comprised of several companies – including Western Dental & Orthodontics, Western Dental Kids, Brident Dental & Orthodontics, Brident Dental Kids, LooksBrite Eye Centers, EyeMax Vision Plan, MIB Insurance Plans and Vital Smiles – all united around a commitment to quality, value and innovation in care.

Its creation represents a natural extension of its affiliates’ missions – Western Dental, one of the nation’s largest dental support organizations, has been improving oral health for more than a century with a particular focus on meeting the needs of underserved communities, while the broader Sonrava family has driven a focus on quality and innovation. Together these distinct but complimentary sets of expertise will ensure the brand is set up to scale nationwide and accelerate value to an even broader patient population.

“Sonrava’s formation brings not only an established track record of comprehensive care, but also exciting avenues for future expansion in each of our service areas, including dental and vision services, insurance, patient financing, overdenture surgical centers and direct-to-consumer solutions,” said Jeff Miller, President of Sonrava Health. “Its launch is just the first step – fostering healthier communities through accessible, equitable and innovative offerings is at the heart of Sonrava and we look forward to additional opportunities to advance our mission.” 

To ensure value and quality across its national footprint, Sonrava will deploy a unique approach to clinical and operational excellence. The proven model combines standardized practices in every office, a commitment to ongoing clinical training, one of the industry’s most robust quality assurance programs and real-time monitoring and data that enables ongoing refinement. When combined with a continuous focus on implementation by a highly engaged and experienced management team, this integrated framework yields consistent, high-quality care for patients nationwide.


A multispecialty family of health and wellness companies, Sonrava Health expands access to dental and vision care through a united commitment to quality, value and innovation. With more than 1,200 doctors and 5,000 team members nationwide, Sonrava is dedicated to fostering healthier communities coast-to-coast through innovative provider models, health coverage and product offerings. For more information about Sonrava and our affiliate brands, please visit sonrava.com.


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