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ORANGE, Calif., October 30, 2017 – Western Dental & Orthodontics surpassed its 100th school partnership through its “Smiles for Schools” program, which provides funding and shares oral health educational information with intermediate and high schools.

As of today, Western Dental has currently partnered with 118 schools in the program and intends to continue growing these partnerships.

The Western Dental “Smiles for Schools” program was started in January 2017. The program is on pace to reach this year’s goal of giving out more than $100,000 in support of schools.

The program pairs the 245 offices of Western Dental and its affiliates with neighboring elementary, intermediate and high schools. Schools throughout California, Arizona and Texas have benefited from the program, including McNair High School in Stockton, Calif., Chandler High School in Chandler, Ariz., and Monroe Magnet Middle School in Inglewood, Calif.

Western Dental is thetop provider of orthodontics services in California and Arizona, and is the leading provider of services to the Denti-Cal program that enables oral health care benefits for more than 13 million individuals and families in California. Western Dental dentists provided care to more than a half-million Denti-Cal beneficiaries in 2016 and the company is committed to continuing to partner with the State to help improve the program. 

“Western Dental feels it’s imperative to partner with neighboring schools and pass along our expertise regarding good dental health practices, which is so important for young people to grasp,” said Dr. John Luther, the company’s Chief Dental Officer. “Our Smiles for Schools program supports good oral health habits and reaches children at an early age.”

“Smiles for Schools” funding, which is just one component of the program, is used by each school at their discretion. In addition, the program provides support at school events, sharing oral health information with students and their parents as part of an ongoing partnership with each school.

“As the program grows, stories and letters from students who funded their field trips, new uniforms, and other great activities with the funds we contributed are wonderful to hear,” said Josh Marder, Chief Marketing Officer of Western Dental and its affiliates. “We have really enjoyed meeting parents and students at school educational and health fair events, or even as cheering supporters with them under their Friday night lights.”

To learn more about Western Dental, visit www.westerndental.com or call 1-800-6-DENTAL.

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