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Effective January 22, 2024, our office is moving to combine with Western Dental & Orthodontics.Western Dental & Orthodontics

Western Dental - Santa Rosa Dentist

4100 Montgomery Dr.
Santa Rosa, California 95405

About the Office

Our 4100 Montgomery Dr. office in Santa Rosa closed on January 22, 2024. Please re-schedule any upcoming dental appointments at our neighboring Western Dental office located at 1240 Farmers Lane, Santa Rosa where you’ll enjoy enhanced services and expanded appointment options, including evening and Saturday hours.

To schedule any future appointments, please call our Customer Service team at 888-603-3682.

Rest assured that we will continue to provide you with high quality, state-of-the-art dental care. We will transfer your dental records directly to the new office to avoid any interruption in service.

Thank you for your continued loyalty.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where is the Western Dental in Santa Rosa located?
Is Western Dental in Santa Rosa open on weekends?
Does this dentist accept insurance?
Does Western Dental in Santa Rosa provide orthodontics services?
Do you have multiple dentist offices in Santa Rosa?

Insurance and Financing Options

We accept most forms of insurance, provide our own insurance and offer easy financing options. 

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