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Most dentists agree that the best solution to a missing tooth is a dental implant. Dental implants fill in the gaps in your smile with a natural-looking tooth replacement that performs just like a real tooth, allowing patients to eat, talk and smile with confidence.

If you’ve been thinking about a dental implant to complete your smile but have hesitated because of preconceived notions about pain, inconvenience and cost, you may want to reconsider:

Appearance. Dental implants are made to fit alongside your teeth and blend in perfectly in size and color. After an impression is taken of your teeth, a lab will create a perfectly fitting replacement crown in an exact color match to your surrounding teeth.

Ability to eat. Because dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, they perform just like real teeth. Dental implants are firmly “implanted” in your jaw, so they allow you to eat all the foods you enjoy, including steak, apples and corn on the cob.  You’ll feel more confident when you smile, too.

Cost. The cost of a dental implant has decreased in recent years. Western Dental offers affordable payment plans, allowing you to budget over time. And dental implants are a long-term investment –lasting for years and years to come.

Maintenance. Closing the gap left by a missing tooth makes cleaning much easier because food and bacteria aren’t trapped anymore.

Discomfort during treatment. In most cases, having a procedure for a dental implant is no more painful than having a cavity filled. In fact, the placement of an implant is conducted under local anesthetic and is generally completed within an hour.

It’s important to have all the facts for tooth replacement. Talk to your dentist. Dental implants can be the right answer for many people.   

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